Here is what some of the parents of children who have attended Maroondah Montessori Pre-school over the years have said about our school, and our Directress Aileen who has been with the school for more than 20 years. 

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Joshua’s three years at MMPS have been an amazing journey. Aileen, the assistants and the special environment of MMPS have ‘transformed’ Joshua from a shy, non-English speaking and low in confidence child to a ‘confident, happy and English speaking, reading and writing’ boy.It is during Joshua’s final year that everything came ‘together’ for him. I started to feel sad and a sense of pity that the year would be Joshua’s final one. How I wish he could stay here to complete his schooling. MMPS really is a special kinder. I can say that MMPS has not only fulfilled our ‘special requirements’, but has exceeded them, with Joshua able to achieve so much. Thank you Aileen, and the community that make up MMPS. Thank you for what you have helped Joshua become. We are so glad to have Aileen as his first teacher. And thank you to all the parents that make MMPS a special place.

Karen & David 

It’s been four amazing years, with the last year really icing the cake. Brendan and I can no longer spell out words in a conversation to one and other, Connor has well and truly clued into that caper!He is happy, confident and socially very ready to start school and academically I am not a bit worried.I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Aileen for her nurturing and patience. Without this I don’t think Connor would be where he is today. “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough to say. After four years I am still amazed at the joy I see in that classroom each and every day!

Jenny & Brendon 

I had heard about the amazing effects of a Montessori Pre-schooling from a friend who had lived it. He said it was the making of him. The day I walked into the Maroondah Montessori Pre-school I was immediately blown away by the confidence, freedom, and camaraderie between the students as well as the resources at the centre. I was greeted with a handshake at the door and went on to watch in awe this private little world of children learning with each other in perfect harmony singing away between activities. Aileen ‘glided’ through the space checking on each child’s progress. A child set down a jigsaw in front of me of EUROPE! Another set out discs of different shades of the colour yellow. When he got stuck Aileen oversaw and chose an older student to help him resolve the problem. Other children were reading and others were cutting up fruit. 


I knew as a teacher and Kodaly specialist there was no other place I could send my child, no matter what! Aileen and I had even had the same preschool Kodaly teacher so I knew ‘exactly’ what my child would be getting out of this journey music wise. I was realising the amazing journey she would also travel education wise.


Montessori has shown Clara that it’s a good thing to be who you are and to be true to your own growth. To be self sufficient is the basis for confidence and to be understanding of the process of learning and the value of caring for your community is a gift she will realise in the years ahead just as my friend did. These last four years have shown our child how much she can do and accomplish and has given her a confidence that we just didn’t know how to impart.


Being a parent is hard, and we want the best for our children. The Montessori method has given my child a foundation to build on. She has a ‘special’ friend and such an amazing mentor with Aileen. To share the growing of my child with such a dedicated woman, who isso passionate about the growth of my child has been a privilege and an honour and I honestly have never felt so comfortable about leaving my child in the care of another.


Clara is now cheeky, confident, independent, caring, sharing and amazing! She loves to learn about new things and master its process. It is just a part of her personality now. Mychild is going into Primary school knowing who she is and what she can do. She is even more amazing than the day she was born. My child is starting off ‘true to herself’! Was it worth it? Wouldn’t have done it any other way!

Celine & Jim 

Thank you Aileen for having a dream and believing that one day it would be reality. Thank you for working relentlessly year after year perfecting the dream. Thank you for all the love you have shown to every child that has attended the preschool.Our family has been blessed to be associated with Maroondah Montessori Preschool. It will be a chapter in our life that we will never forget and that our children will take with them wherever they go from this day forth

Domenic & Anna

When I was looking for a preschool for my son Jett, I felt I needed to check Maroondah Montessori Preschool out as I had heard so many amazing things! Instantly, I knew it was right for Jett. Truthfully, I had never seen so many children working peacefully together. I had no knowledge of Montessori and followed my instinct. We have never looked back. Jett amazes us everyday. He puts me to shame with his extensive knowledge of everything! He is super confident, happy and what we find most remarkable is his ability to concentrate and work through problems that may occur. Finally, we truly believe that this kinder would not be the same without Aileen. Her dedication is amazing and she is an inspiration to all. Thank you Aileen for everything—we have all gained so much from this experience.

Caroline & David

When Clancy began preschool, gardening and other practical jobs loomed large in his first year. Physical movement, and lots of it, were (and still are) important to Clancy. He proudly announced to us when first shown the (outside) hammering and later, the other tasks at the work bench. The children’s pride in their work and achievements, in their community and environment, is a beautiful part of Montessori education.


Meeting with Aileen earlier this year, and undertaking a whole day observation of kinder, provided us with a greater insight into the whole program, and Clancy’s place and progress within this. Witnessing the social interactions, the vast array of tasks undertaken and the great deal of independence demonstrated by the children was extremely pleasing. 


Watching Clancy struggle with a problem for almost 10 minutes without getting upset, or giving up was awesome. Having Aileen explain some of the methodology helped us to understand where Clancy was at, and reminded us to trust in him. Being shown his beautifully poetic creative writing, an area that we were not aware that he was so interested in, was just fantastic. Clancy has grown and matured so much over the past three years. It is truly what we expected of a well functioning Montessori environment. Clancy is ready for the next stage, and we are confident that with the grounding he has received at MMPS, his transition to school will be smooth

Gareth & Judy 

It is hard to believe that our time with Aileen and all the wonderful families of MMPS is nearing an end. We can now look back and appreciate just how lucky we have been to have two children go through the Montessori preschool system. Both Pete and I have watched our daughter Luella grow step by step and blossom into the most delightful and capable little girl. Luella has been given a brilliant start to life and her future school years. It was an incredible stroke of luck to stumble upon this amazing preschool. Aileen, thank you again

Pete & Louise

As parents we have always felt very fortunate that out children have had the opportunity ofan early education through Montessori. Aileen’s carefully planned kinder environment has allowed Jibril the freedom to flourish and develop into the independent, confident person we see today. His ability to concentrate for long periods of time, attention to detail and astute observations will assist him greatly in years to come and we are always amazed at his speech and deliberate use of words which seem beyond his years. 

There have been several moments where we have found ourselves outwitted by his reasoning during an argument! 


In his last year at MMPS Jibril has developed the gentler side of his nature as he has helped Aileen with the younger kids. This is such a valuable aspect of the Montessori program with far reaching benefits. We are so proud of his growing awareness of the social injustices of this world and of his generosity to his friends and those he loves. The friendships he has forged during his kinder days will remain for years to come and the memories of happy times spent with his kinder friends will be amongst his fondest as he grows.


Thankyou Aileen for your guidance and steadfast adherence to the Montessori method without which MMPS would not be the special place that it is. Likewise, we are grateful for the care of Eunice and the other teachers. We truly believe that Jibril has had the best possible early start to life.

Maggie & Akram

We have had 11 years of Montessori education for our children through MMPS. It was such a fantastic decision to start at the school so many years ago. We have had an exciting journey watching our girls grow and follow their different paths. It is with smiles, tears and fond memories we leave, thanking all the staff present and past for their care and friendship and the special part they have played in our children’s lives. Thank you to the families past and present who have been there for us – your kindness will never be forgotten. Thanks especially to Aileen who has given our children a priceless gift that we know they will have forever – a love of learning . I would like to take the opportunity to thank Aileen and all the staff for your passion, love and guidance in providing our girls with such a wonderful environment to be educated in.

Bill & Tracey

Maroondah Montessori Magic. 


Every night for the last 4 years Riley has put on a magic show for our family. From as young as 3, he would astound and amaze us with his performances and displays of his latest tricks. 


The earliest one that I can remember was one morning when he was getting ready for another of his first year days at Maroondah Montessori magic school and he chose to wear his lace up sneakers. Before I even got a chance to help he announced with a hey presto,”Hey Dad, did them myself”. At first I refused to believe it, but Riley was more than happy to prove me wrong again and again while saying “Bernadette showed me how yesterday”. A few months ago I needed a small cup to put some things in so Riley said, “I can make it myself”. Shortly later the magician returned with a square of paper and proceeded to make a paper cup which worked perfectly. Amazing! 


Since then there has been…… “I can read it myself”, “I cooked it myself”, “I created this invention myself”, “I sewed it myself”, “I hammered it myself” and lots of other magic shows. The really amazing thing is, there are no tricks, he REALLY can do it! This is what we have appreciated the most about the guidance and teaching he has had from Aileen at Maroondah Montessori. The magic school is almost over for Riley but, hey presto, this little magician has learnt the most important lesson of all – “I can do it myself”.

Sandy & Andrew