Committee Positions

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As members of the MMPS Association you have agreed that one parent in your family will join the Committee of Management for at least one year of your child’s enrolment in Cycle 1.

Each year all positions are vacated and re-filled at the AGM.

Please read the position descriptions carefully and nominate yourself or a fellow MMPS parent for a position.

Return all nomination slips to



To uphold the Constitution of the organisation
To ensure that the Pre-School is operating within relevant government statutory requirements, in particular the Children’s Services Amendment Regulations 2011
Supervise and support the Committee
Act as a resource person
Be official spokesperson in public
Lodge annual reports with Maroondah City Council, The Department of Education, Consumer Affairs, and the Department of Human Services. Manage the Government funding and input relevant information in the DET KIM system, as well as in the Department of Human Services portal.

To review Constitution annually for amendments
Maintain confidentiality of committee business, encourage same with all committee members
To act as chair at all meetings of the organisation and its committee
Maintain records in a neat and orderly manner
Be a member of good standing

To work together with the Treasurer & Bookeeper to plan budgets, and ensure all staff wages & bills are approved via the Bendigo Bank app.
To oversee the 5 year Strategic Plan annually, (Annual Implementation Plan)
To provide support to the Educators, including hiring new ones if required
To facilitate regular discussions with educators to ensure that any changes to government regulations are met, and that the educators are informed of the progress of the 5 Year Strategic Plan

During Meetings:

1. To ensure that only persons entitled to be present are admitted to the meeting
2. To preside over and control the meeting, to conduct it impartially and ensure the smooth passage of business during the meeting
3. To protect free speech and to ensure that debates are conducted in the correct manner
4. To ensure minority opinion is heard, and encourage shy, new or inexperienced members to express their views to the meeting
5. To discourage members from monopolising or unduly dominating any discussion
6. To confine the discussions to ideas rather than personalities
7. To stop any sotto voce discussions by “sub-groups” in corners of the meeting while a speaker officially has the floor
8. Invite or personally put questions forward designed to elicit relevant facts
9. To ensure that all discussions are properly recorded in a form facilitating their subsequent implementation



1. As directed by the President.
2. To chair meetings if the President is absent
3. Annually review and update all policies, and submit revisions to Committee for discussion and approval before sending them to the IT person to upload onto the website.
4. Act as support/ resource to all Committee Members, and, in the event of situations such as illness, or absence on holidays, agree to undertake any short term specific duties of absentee Committee Member in the interim
5. Maintain Vice President’s records in a neat and orderly manner
6. Maintain confidentiality of Committee business
7. Be a member of good standing
8. Act as the Complaints and Grievances Officer – receive any complaints or grievances from community members, and work to resolve them in a timely manner
9. Liaise with Committee as appropriate re complaints and grievances received
10. Liaise with staff as appropriate re complaints and grievances received 11. Handle any staff disputes or complaints by following procedures outlined in the MMPS Complaints policy.
12. Maintain confidentiality of Committee business.
13. Develop general basic knowledge of Montessori program.



1. To handle inward and outward correspondence and record and file all details in the correspondence register (This pertains to both checking the PO Box in Ringwood East, and checking the school’s Email daily).
2. To maintain all files in a consistent and accessible manner
3. To arrange meetings
4. To prepare minutes of general and committee meetings for President to review before distribution to all committee meetings
5. To maintain the official minutes and ensure they are correctly stored in Google Drive & Dropbox.
6. To maintain confidentiality of committee business
7. Maintain up to date foyer signage relating to Montessori or Committee business
8. Be a member of good standing
9. Develop general basic knowledge of Montessori program.

Before meetings:

1. In conjunction with the President, ensure that a meeting place is available and notify members of date, time and place
2. To prepare and issue notice convening the meeting to all persons entitled to attend (agenda)
3. To send out any accompanying documents, such as annual reports
4. To prepare, in consultation with the chair, the agenda and all relevant background papers
5. To delegate taking of minutes to an alternative member if unable to attend

During meetings:

1. Assist the Chair
2. Read out any apologies for non-attendance which have been received
3. Present minutes of last ordinary meeting and any extraordinary meetings held since then
4. Take notes of proceedings in sufficient detail to enable formal minutes to be prepared

After meetings:

1. Type up the minutes (best done during the meeting) and provide a copy to the President as soon as possible
2. Write letters in accordance with any instructions given at the meeting
3. Carry out any other directions of the meeting
4. Write letters thanking people who have rendered assistance


General duties:

1. Develop a good understanding of Pre-School’s Montessori Program and the Directress’ professional role in managing and implementing the program.
2. At the beginning of each year, in consultation with the Directress, update the Emergency Evacuation documentation. Ensure that any amendments to the family directory are included in the Emergency Evacuation documentation throughout the year.
3. Every 6 months review and replenish any items in the First Aid kit which are due to expire in the following 6 months.

Equipment purchases:

1. Obtain receipts for all purchases
2. Responsibly manage the Equipment Officer petty cash budget
3. Submit all receipts and purchasing paperwork every month to the Treasurer for processing.

Equipment Maintenance:

Maintain register of contact names and details for businesses where classroom Montessori materials are generally purchased. eg. Neinhuis, Montessori Services, Hellowood. Other


1. Maintain Equipment Officer’s records in a neat and orderly manner.
2. Ensure confidentiality of Committee business.
3. Be a member of good standing.



1. Pay the accounts of any approved expenditure, which was incurred such as rent, utilities, cleaners, etc.
2. Give a report at the monthly Committee meetings for the previous month’s income and expenditure.
3. Prepare the budget for the following year together with the President and Book Keeper.

4. Ensure all reciepts, time sheets and paid invoices are given to the Book Keeper at the end of each month for reconciling.

5. To speak with the Book Keeper regularly to review and keep up to date with MMPS’s financial situation.

6. Handle collection and invoicing of any fundraising payments or special activity fees.

7. To deposit or withdrawl any cash from Bendigo Bank

8. To sign for the rollover of the school’s Term Deposits at the bank.

9. Report the status of outstanding fees to the Committee

10. In consultation with the Fundraising Officer organise all monetary requirements for fundraising events, such as ‘float’ money
11. Settle accounts with the Fundraising Coordinator for every event’s costs and profit

12. Maintain petty cash account with regards to: 1. Staff 2. Supplies and staff support officer

13. Maintain Treasurer’s records in a neat and orderly manner and maintain confidentiality of Committee business.
14. Be a member of good standing.



1. Ensure adequate knowledge of MMPS’s Enrolment Policy and procedures, and follow them.
2. Develop general basic knowledge of Montessori program, however refer all requests for detailed information about the program to the Directress.
3. Maintain (and periodically review) all literature relating to enrolment, including Application Form and Enrolment Handbook.
4. Record all names and addresses of enquiries and answer promptly.
5. Provide interested persons with specific information about fees, bonds, hours, or refer them to the website.
6. Organise observation times in conjunction with Directress.
7. Maintain waiting list, in order of receipt of enrolment applications, and regularly advise Directress and Committee of number on waiting list.
8. Maintain record of correspondence sent to all enquiries, new enrolments and those on waiting list.
9. Maintain accurate records of children already attending.
10. Liaise with Treasurer to maintain accurate records of bond, fees and enrolments.
11. Maintain Enrolments Officer’s records in a neat and orderly manner.
12. Ensure confidentiality of Committee business.
13. Be a member of good standing.



1. Develop good basic knowledge of MMPS program and Montessori method of education, for purposes of promotion.
2. Always portray the organisation and its objectives and activities in a favourable manner. Assist in creating a climate of opinion in the community, which is favourable to the short and long-term interests of the organisation.
5. In conjunction with the Directress, keep informed of “special events” happening at the preschool such as guest speakers, organised special presentations for the children, excursions or any other special events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas where we can share information on the school’s Facebook page and Newsletter.
6. Maintain, update, and replenish all promotional literature regarding MMPS and Montessori method of education.
7. Keep the community informed of relevant preschool activities via posters and mailchimp newsletters.
8. Assist with the promotion of fundraising activities.
9. Maintain register of media outlets providing “free-of-charge” community events and calendars and ensure it is utilised at every possible opportunity, particularly to advertise upcoming fundraising events.
10. As Newsletter Editor, gather and compile articles for quarterly “Montessori News” newsletter, and Social Media posts.
11. Ensure confidentiality of Committee business.
12. Be a member of good standing.



1. Co-ordinate fundraising activities; facilitate and encourage general parent participation in the organisation and managing of specific events.
2. Prepare a fundraising agenda for period of Pre-School year.
3. Encourage parent contributions of new ideas and initiatives for fundraising and present ideas on their behalf to Committee.
4. Consult with Treasurer in assessing outlays and other costs associated with fundraising events and expected financial returns.
5. Organise Treasurer to assist in money collection activities at event (eg. entrance fee, raffle tickets, etc).
6. Consult with Publicity Officer on promotional aspects of fundraising events. 7. Collate and maintain folio of fundraising options and ideas; contact names and addresses.
8. Maintain range and diversity of fundraising efforts.
9. Assess and monitor fundraising activities in regards to viability and sufficient returns.
10. Arrange for letters of appreciation to be sent to donating or supportive businesses or persons.
11. Report at monthly Committee meetings.
12. Ensure confidentiality of Committee business.
13. Be a member of good standing.
14. Develop general basic knowledge of Montessori program.



Apply for any grants and funding via Grants Hub online grant application program.  Consulting with the President & Treasurer to know which Grants we are actually eligible for, to collect the appropriate information required, and check if we are able to commit financially if any additional finances are required from the school to be matched with the Grant money rewarded.



1. Develop general basic knowledge of Montessori program.
2. Maintain the MMPS WordPress website, including doing weekly Plugin, Theme, and Security updates as well as making any changes as directed by the Committee and President.

3. Ensure any changes made to wording on the website are put in the Website Writeup Google Doc and send to a Chinese parent to translate, and update translated parts in the website.

4. Assist committee members to be able to recieve @mmps committee Emails.

5. Ensure that the website is up to date with policies and procedures of MMPS.
6. Ensure that contact details for the school and Enrolment Officer are up dated on the website and in Google.
7. Assist the Directress with any IT needs/ requirements/ education.

8. Change the passwords yearly for Email/Dropbox/Google so as to ensure confidentiality and maintain the password/login mastersheet document.

9. Be a member of good standing.


1 Before the start of each term, put a copy of the next term’s sign up sheet in the foyer for all parents to sign up.  Ensure all spots are filled.  And laundry roster is allocated.

2 Email the final roster to all parents.

3 Email all the parents who have signed up their name to remind them.

4 Send a text the day before to remind parents of their duty.

1. Always portray the organisation and its objectives and activities in a favourable manner.
2. Assist in creating a climate of opinion in the community, which is favourable to the short and long-term interests of the organisation.
3. Develop general basic knowledge of Montessori program.
4. Be a member of good standing.
5. Ensure confidentiality of Committee business.
6. Organise annual “Family Fun Days”.
7. Undertake all recruitment and selection responsibilities with regard to filling staff vacancies as they arise, in conjunction with the Directress.
8. Attend Committee meetings[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]